Raphael Klayman


In addition to his performing activities, Raphael Klayman contracts (hires) groups to perform at various functions. These can range from small ensembles for private affairs to entire symphony orchestras for the concert stage. Feel free to contact Mr. Klayman to discuss your needs.

Private Engagements

In addition to concert work on stage, Mr. Klayman also enjoys performing at elegant private gatherings such as weddings, as well as more formally, at private recitals. He can perform as an unaccompanied soloist, or as part of an ensemble such as a string quartet, flute trio, etc. He also contracts ensembles in which he doesn't necessarily participate. Please feel free to contact him to discuss your needs in this area.


A lifetime of playing the violin has naturally led to a great interest in instruments, themselves. To a certain extent, Mr. Klayman collects violins, bows, cases, reference books etc., and occasionally sells and takes instruments and bows on consignment. Particularly for his own use, he is more interested in an instrument's tone and workmanship than its pedigree. He is most supportive of excellent contemporary makers, though he certainly greatly admires beautiful classic instruments as well.

Mr. Klayman sometimes sells instruments from his collection. He is not a professional dealer, and does not ship instruments. If you are in, or will be coming to the New York City area, and are in the market for a good and reasonably-priced instrument, feel free to contact Mr. Klayman for details. If he does not have what you seem to want, he will be glad to recommend reputable dealers who might.

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