Meditation from the Opera, "Thais" by Massenet

Comments on this Video

The Prodigy School of the Arts
Your intonation and emotional playing is a testament to your hard work! What a wonderful performance. We want our students to aspire to bring the passion you displayed here. BRAVO!
Maestro Jose Manuel Rosa
Internationally Noted Conductor
Beautifully played, Raphael, with much expression and mastery. Congratulations!
j. parkeruk
lovely :)
J Tsai
You are such an artist.
v. s.
This is excellent!
R. deOliveira
Beautiful and heartfelt. Thanks, Raphael.
Allegro Wasabi
lovely !!
Kalin Ivanov
Very nice performance and beautiful tone! BRAVO! Kalin Ivanov, cellist
J.T. Rhoda
author of the ABC's of Strings
Unique, beautiful rendition of Meditation from Thais! Bravo!!

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